Why support employees’ mental health?

Introduction: Why mental health is essential in the workplace.

Mental health is essential in the workplace because it can affect an individual’s productivity and how they work with others. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, mental illnesses are common. They account for a significant number of lost workdays, issues surrounding attraction and retention and ultimately, an impact on productivity and profitability.

More and more staff see this support as an entitlement, not a perk.

The cost of not supporting employee mental health: Absenteeism, presenteeism, and turnover.

In recent years, employee health has come to the forefront. Organisations are beginning to realise that supporting employee mental health is not only the right thing to do, but it is also good for business. Unfortunately, many organisations still do not fully understand the benefits of supporting employees in this area, and as a result, they are losing out on money.

There are several ways to support employee mental health that can benefit organisations financially:

1.   By reducing absenteeism, organisations can save money on lost wages.

2.   Organisations can save money on lost productivity by reducing presenteeism (workers who come to work but are not productive due to their mental illness).

3.   Organisations can save money on recruitment and training costs by reducing staff turnover.

4.   Organisations can reduce their healthcare costs by providing employees with access to mental health services.

Work Based Stress: What is it and how can you help?

Mental health conditions are widespread, affecting one in four people in any given year. Conditions such as depression, anxiety and work-based stress are some of the most common. Each condition affects people differently and can range in severity. Some people may only experience a few symptoms, while others may struggle with daily life both at home and at work.

Work-based stress is a type of stress caused by the demands of one’s job. It can be caused by long hours, high workloads, or difficult relationships with co-workers. Work-based stress can lead to several problems, including anxiety, depression, and physical health problems.

When employees are stressed out, they’re less productive and can even be a danger to themselves and others.

Bad Attitudes: Stress can cause employees to act negatively, which can result in damaged relationships with customers and even other employees. Stress is linked to non-compliance, hostility, and poor performance.

How to support employee mental health in the workplace?

Employee mental health is a vast topic in the media and among business leaders. However, many organisations still struggle with how to support employee mental health in the workplace. The first step is to understand the types of mental health issues affecting employees and what might trigger these issues. It is also essential to be aware of any warning signs that an employee may be struggling with.

Once you have a basic understanding of this, there are several ways that you can support your employees in your organisation. One way is to provide training for managers and employees to identify and respond to specific concerns. You can also create an environment that encourages employees to speak openly about their mental health and offers support when needed.

Should these challenges exist, offering counselling or therapeutic support can often be considered best practice. Supporting employees’ health is seen more and more as a right rather than a perk. This decision can directly influence staff attraction and retention, sickness levels, and ultimately, productivity and profitability.

How can Hope Therapy & Counselling Services help?

Hope Therapy & Counselling Services have an experienced team of counsellors and therapists available within days rather than the months that can exist through the NHS. As a result, we can often help keep employees in the workplace rather than being off sick for extended periods. This, in turn, aids attraction and reduces the risk of staff attrition, impacting productivity and profitability.

We offer a pay-as-you-go service, so you pay absolutely nothing unless you use the service. To find out more about how you can better support your employees, call us.

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