Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome

Practical one to one support for Imposter Syndrome.

  • Do you secretly believe you didn’t deserve the promotion or recognition you’ve been given?
  • Do you feel that accomplishments in your private life weren’t warranted?
  • Are you constantly worrying that others will find out?
  • Constantly thinking you are a fake, despite your success?
  • Do you live in fear that your friends, boss or partner will one day figure out that they were wrong about you?
  • These are some of the very typical thoughts that you may experience.
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Hope Therapy is here to help.

Hope Therapy has a team of fully qualified and experienced counsellors, that are able to offer support for your Imposter Syndrome.​

We can help you to develop positive skills, interventions and insights to support your Imposter Syndrome. While doing so, we can also support the effect your loneliness has on your mental and emotional wellbeing.​

  • Identifying triggers.
  • Effective Skills and interventions.​

      Supporting you.​

  • Mental & Emotional wellbeing counselling, to help its effects.

A Positive Approach to supporting Imposter Syndrome

​Our clients regularly ask for the opportunity to learn about Imposter Syndrome. We support you to develop skills and insights that can help you better understand yourself. We also aim to help you address the impact it has on your mental and emotional wellbeing.

​Many people struggle with the idea that you only succeeded due to luck rather than ability.

Counselling can help you explore what makes you feel that you aren’t deserving of your success. We help you explore such things as self-esteem, self-confidence and self-belief. Through this, can come a sense of owning your successes and feeling deserving.

Ask for help
We support you:
  • Face to face or via zoom or skype.
  • In an effective way.
  • Using qualified counsellors.

What can you expect?

  • We will support you to better understand your Imposter Syndrome.
  • To offer psychological and emotional support, to help manage any underlying issues that may lead to you have Imposter Syndrome, along with the complications that come from it.
  • Offer understanding, interventions, guidance and support.​
  • Compassion & understanding at the core of all that we do. Which means that we will always take things at your pace with empathy and understanding.

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