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Valuable set of tools

This is giving me a very valuable set of tools to use. Thank you.
- Tracey


I got a lot from my sessions and feel as though I have achieved a number of my goals. We were able to cover a lot of ground in the sessions I had which is largely due to the counsellors direct approach whilst working with me as he recognised that, that is how I work/respond best.
- Kev

Always feel very calm,

Always feel very calm, even when looking and talking about difficult things. Feel very at ease with everyone in the group now and enjoy each session so much.
- Lily

Mindfulness & Self Compassion

The teaching material used during the programme is great. It encourages discussion within the group and is also so useful to refer to outside of the session.
- Simon

He made it easy, relaxing and calm, and funny at points.

CBT with Ian was great, I’d never talked to anyone before. He made it easy, relaxing and calm, and funny at points. Quicker to sort everything out than we thought. He’s a great guy and I’d highly recommend him to anyone.
- Saffron

Warm, appreciative and helpfully challenging.

I found Ian to be warm, appreciative and helpfully challenging. He helped me think more deeply about how I could care for myself better.
- Jeremy

I was in a dark place.

Back in January 2017, I was in a dark place. Although married for 46 years, I could see that dissolving before my eyes. I was bad tempered, awkward and sometimes even out of control. That is where Ian came in. Now in November 2017 I am back in control! A weekly session and CBT techniques have conspired against the person I had become. But more than that, Ian was great in his role to get me to see how I could change. It was "do this" or "do that" it was suggestions and getting me to see a way out for myself. To make those changes and maintain them. Ian, I can never thank you enough for the second chance that you have brought to me. I am forever in your debt.
- Pete

Teaching material was very good.

Teaching material was very good.
- Bernadette

An excellent teacher

Ian is an excellent teacher with a thorough understanding of the subject and excellent interpersonal skills
- Rebecca

I had completely crashed

I had completely crashed before seeing Ian. He has slowly, sensitively and professionally helped me to rebuild myself.
- Linda

Very helpful instructions

Very helpful instructions to what mindfulness is all about.
- Jon

Very much at ease which I really appreciate.

Very much at ease which I really appreciate. I normally find situations difficult to cope with. But here already, I feel I am amongst friends.
- Sean

Learning to be aware of my thoughts and feelings

This MBCT programme is having numerous benefits on how I live my life. Learning to be aware of my thoughts and feelings and in turn realising how they are affecting me physically is having a profound effect on me. I would have no hesitation in recommending this course. Ian’s knowledge of mindfulness, his enthusiasm, his ability to help us see how to incorporate this into our everyday lives and his encouragement are inspirational. He puts an enormous amount of effort into making sure that everyone gets the most out of this programme and I really appreciate that.
- Tammy

Depression Counselling

I found it very helpful and worked well with Michele. She was friendly and approachable, I felt able to talk to her openly and she had a sense of humour which was great!
- Kiran

Feel it working

I can already feel it working/
- john

I found the whole course to be inspiring, informative and fun.

The quality of teaching was excellent throughout the 8-week course, it was taken at a good pace, easy to follow and understand. I found the whole course to be inspiring, informative and fun. I looked forward to it every week.
- Simon

To my surprise I have been joining in with discussions

The atmosphere every week is relaxed and to my surprise I have been joining in with discussions and not just sitting quietly as I normally would . I have not felt any pressure to say anything but I so enjoy listening to others in the group explore their feelings that it feels natural for me to join in too. I'm learning so much.
- Lynda

First time I had ever reached out for help from counselling

This was the first time I had ever reached out for help from counselling. Ian makes you feel comfortable straight away. He is very calm, understanding and has great techniques to help you move forward in a positive way. If you are looking for a counsellor that understands how difficult it is to take the first step, I can highly recommend Ian. Thank you for everything you have done to help me understand myself and for being there when I needed support. I know I can always rely on Ian for help in the future if needed. Thank you so much.
- Dominic

I want to give that 11 : 10

The section on rumination realy hit home, I want to give that 11 : 10
- Tom

Switch from autopilot.

It is good to switch from autopilot.
- Sharon

Excellent Service

Communication was good and I was put in touch with a therapist quickly
- Sam

Its at the correct pace,

Ian delivers the material with great skill, ensuring its at the correct pace, and with the ability to explain individual experiences in context
- Simon

Very good teaching

Very good teaching Ian was very Professional and made you feel very relaxed
- Tod

easy to relate too

The teaching material is so good. It relates to everyday things that we all experience making it so easy to relate too.
- Sindy

Asked me questions that really made me think

I have been to see a counsellor before and I didn't find them nearly as insightful, understanding, and thought-provoking as Ian. He helped me to reflect on my problems and asked me questions that really made me think. I have taken away so much for our sessions and I am so grateful for the help he has given me and my relationship. Thank you Ian 🙂
- Vicky

New set of skills

Very important to learn a new set of skills to cope with challenging life experiences.
- Christina

No pressure to deliver

There is no pressure to deliver any particular results, though I do feel a sense of having to think up things to write.
- Sarah

Begin the journey of finding my true identity.

I was introduced to Helen and started counselling, the sessions helped me to identify areas that needed improvement in my life. With the help of Helen, her listening, understanding and empathetic attributes  I was able to make these positive improvements and begin the journey of finding my true identity.
- Shadika

Excellent- well focussed and extremely relevant

The materials used during the course are excellent- well focussed and extremely relevant
- Sam

Appropriate to where I am

Very appropriate to where I am right now.
- Kevin

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