Anger Management Training

Anger Management

The effect of anger can be overwhelming.

We don’t always recognise that we are angry or enraged and certainly don’t recognise that we are always hitting out at others. However, the strength of this emotion can erode the relationships with those around us, our own sense of worth or if on the receiving end, destroy confidence, self-esteem or even worse. Anger Management Training and Support can help both parties work through a range of complex emotions and behaviours.

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​Anger can manifest from a number of complex sources, including a history of abuse, through to excessive stress levels. Some people who have a history of abuse can be quick to see current events as being abusive in nature and fall into familiar patterns of behaviour. Alternatively, a sense of being stressed and out of control can often lead to bouts of angry behaviour.

What is for sure is that extreme levels of anger can create highly complex emotions for both the person struggling with out of control anger. But also for the person who is in receipt of such extreme emotions. We may have been the victim of anger based outbursts, either in the workplace or at home. Or alternatively, we may recognize our own anger issues, whichever reality we recognise, a counselling or CBT based approach can be extremely helpful.

Anger management by Hope Therapy and Counselling Services

Hope Therapy is here to help.

Hope Therapy’s fully qualified and experienced team offers UK wide Anger Management support via Zoom and Skype.

We help you to develop positive skills and interventions to support your anger, along with positive ways to express it.

  • Identifying triggers.
  • Early awareness.
  • Effective skills and interventions.

Practical one to one and group support in Anger Management.

  • Are you quick to anger or become frustrated?
  • Do you often overreact?
  • Do you regularly find yourself taking situations personally and become defensive?
  • Are you likely to blame others for your actions?
  • Do you regularly react negatively if things don’t go the way you hoped, or you don’t get your own way?

A Positive Approach to Anger Management.

Our clients regularly ask for the opportunity to learn and develop skills that will allow them to recognise when anger is building while giving them tools to respond to it.
We offer both one to one and group-based formats, that support you in a structured and easy to follow format.

We support you:
  • From the comfort of your own home.
  • In a cost-effective way.
  • Using experienced and fully qualified therapists.
What can you expect?
  • We will support you to better understand your triggers.
  • To learn how to gain a better understanding of your thoughts, emotions and behaviour and how you respond to them.
  • You will learn to bring a more mindful approach to day to day life.
  • We will support learning about how to press pause and consider what to do next.
  • Through an easy to follow and well-structured approach, we offer you the opportunity to learn the ancient wisdom of mindfulness skills, blended with a modern-day therapeutic approach.

Anxiety Counselling

It helped me a great deal and made me feel better after every session. I feel my counsellor understood my problems and gave me lots of tools to manage fears and Anxieties.


Excellent Service

Communication was good and I was put in touch with a therapist quickly


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It really helps address issues such as anxiety and/or depression but is also good for anyone regardless of whether they have any mental health needs.


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