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Counsellors in Training

Looking for a supportive and collaborative counselling placement where you are valued and helped to grow?

Counselling placements provide invaluable hands-on experience and a nurturing environment for aspiring therapists to develop their skills, gain practical insights, and cultivate empathy, ultimately shaping them into competent and compassionate professionals ready to make a positive impact in the lives of their clients.

If you are a trainee counsellor, then we’d love to hear from you.

What we offer from our counselling placements

  • You can see from 2-6 adult clients per week dependent on your individual circumstances
  • We provide monthly supervision for a reduced rate of just £35 per hour.
  • We offer reduced-cost counselling to students in placement with us. In many cases, we are able to offer reduced-rate counselling to students, even if you already have a placement elsewhere.
  • Varied adult clients.
  • All clients are assessed by a qualified counsellor, and you can conduct your own assessment in the first session
  • Clients and trainee counsellors are matched, based on suitability, experience, and availability
  • Additional CPD opportunities are offered.
  • All client sessions are held online to ensure client and counsellor safety. You may need to check with your training centre or exam body that this meets their requirements. If face to face clients are required, this may need to be viewed as a second placement opportunity.

What we will expect from you

  • Complete an application form
  • Have an informal interview
  • Be in weekly therapy or have access to a counsellor to support your training and placement. We are usually able to offer this at a reduced rate.
  • Hold membership with a recognised counselling body e.g. BACP, UKCP, NCS or BABCP
  • Be signed off by your training centre as ‘fit to practice’
  • Participate fully in Supervision
  • Be willing to commit to a minimum of 1 year

What have previous counselling trainees said?

“I really do treasure my time spent at Hope as a student on Placment and it has definitely been such an inspirational and meaningful part of my development into the counsellor I am today”

“I have found that Hope has shown me how an efficient practice works, to abide by ethical and legal standards and to follow procedures”

“My supervisor was efficient, knowledgable and patient. I have learnt so much from supervision with her and rate her highly”

“Management support has been efficient, encouraging, supportive and always available for my questions. I have felt encouraged and valued throughout my placement. Clients have been referred to me quickly and has made sure that they are within my proficiency”

“I felt extremely supported and always knew that support was available when I needed it. I felt Hope was open to all questions and needs that I had, however large or small”

“I thoroughly enjoyed my placement and feel that I have had an incredible experience”

“I really enjoyed my time at Hope, as I continuously felt well supported and a valued member of the Hope therapy team.”

“My supervisor and the director were very attentive in answering any questions or worries I shared.”

“Throughout my time at Hope I felt I had the autonomy to make decisions around my Placment”

“All the staff at Hope are very friendly and approachable and overall a great team to be a part of.”

If you feel that this is the right counselling placement for you, please complete the application form below. Any questions please contact:

Ian Stockbridge (Director) at:

Apply for a counselling placement here:

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