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If you are a counsellor, psychotherapist, or coach, either practicing or in training, Hopeful Minds offers a range of resources and support to help you in your work. Our website provides free access to a variety of podcasts, articles, and resources on mental health issues, as well as online training courses and supervision sessions.

Whether you are looking for professional development opportunities or support in building your business, Hopeful Minds can provide you with the resources and guidance you need.

Counselling Supervision

Hope Therapy offers counselling supervision to qualified and trainee counsellors, both in-person and online. Director Ian Stockbridge is a qualified and experienced counselling supervisor, with a Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling Supervision from the University of Wales. Ian has worked as a counselling supervisor for over 10 years, supporting counsellors from a variety of backgrounds and modalities. His approach to counselling supervision is collaborative, supportive, and focused on the needs of the individual counsellor.

In addition to individual counselling supervision, Hope Therapy also offers group supervision sessions, which can provide counsellors with additional support and guidance. Group supervision sessions can help counsellors to connect with their peers, share their experiences and insights, and learn from each other’s practice. Group supervision can also be a more cost-effective option for counsellors who are just starting out. Overall, counselling supervision is an essential aspect of the support and professional development of counsellors, and Hope Therapy provides a high-quality, accessible, and effective counselling supervision service.

How professional development can help you

Getting counselling supervision or considering a placement is an essential aspect of professional development and support for counsellors. It can help counsellors to maintain ethical and professional standards, improve the quality of their work, prevent burnout, and enhance their personal and professional growth.

Counselling supervision provides a confidential space for counsellors to reflect on their practice, explore their own personal and professional development, and receive guidance and feedback from a qualified and experienced supervisor. It can help counsellors to identify blind spots, gain new perspectives, and improve their therapeutic skills. Supervision can also provide emotional support and validation, which can be particularly important for counsellors who are working with complex or challenging cases.

Considering a placement can also be an important part of a counsellor’s professional development. Placements can provide an opportunity for counsellors to gain practical experience, work with a variety of clients, and learn from experienced practitioners. They can also help counsellors to develop their own unique style and approach to counselling. Placements can be particularly valuable for counsellors who are just starting out or who are transitioning into a new area of practice.

Foundation Diploma: Therapeutic Safety in Trauma

We are working in partnership with Maaike Beech to offer a Foundation Diploma in Therapeutic Safety in Trauma available which is also available as individual CPD days. The trauma training course is a comprehensive training program designed to equip counselling professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to work with clients who have experienced trauma. The course covers ten modules that include an introduction to trauma, the neurobiology of trauma, assessment and diagnosis, evidence-based treatment approaches, working with children, adolescents and families, supporting resilience and post-traumatic growth, self-care for the trauma professional, and ethical considerations and professional practice.

The course emphasizes practical skills and techniques for working with trauma survivors, and emphasizes the importance of self-care and ethical considerations in trauma work. The course provides a solid foundation for counselling professionals interested in specialising in trauma therapy, as well as professionals looking to gain a deeper understanding of trauma and how it impacts individuals.

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