Managing stress in the most stressful of times

During this time of global crisis we all need to establish pathways to help us find calm, peace and clarity of thought. Whilst it is entirely understandable to feel a range of highly complex emotions at these times, our challenge is to not allow fear to completely overwhelm us.

As specialists in supporting Stress, Anxiety and Depression, Hope Therapy offer a range of evidence based approaches and products. We offer face-to-face support, both one-to-one and in groups. We also offer a range of recorded and Internet based products, that give even more flexibility, depending on your needs.

All face-to-face sessions are currently being offered either via Zoom, Skype or Phone so are in accordance with current self distancing guidelines.

In support of anyone that has been affected by Coronavirus, Hope Therapy has made the decision to offer reduced rates to any new client.

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Ian Stockbridge
Owner and lead counsellor of Hope Therapy and draws upon various approaches including CBT and Mindfulness.
Mobile: 07379-538411

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