Does the easing of lockdown mean that it’s all over now?

As spring approaches and lockdown has started to ease, many will see hope and a lightening of spirit. However, for others their lives are still reeling from the effect of the last year and the fear of what they still must face.

How have you been affected by COVID-19?

We know that almost everyone has been affected in one way or another. However, for many, that change has been traumatic or even tragic.

Many people were already struggling with their mental health before the pandemic stuck. Maybe you already struggled with anxiety, with your mind always contending with a barrage of ‘what if?’ type questions.

You may have already been struggling with your mood, feeling lonely or contending with fractious and difficult relationships.

We’re all trying to navigate our way through this challenging time. However, for some, this period has been so much more traumatic than usual.

Bereavement & Grief.

This global coronavirus pandemic has brought a tragic loss of life, under what is the most difficult of circumstances. Many either not able to attend or fearful of attending the funeral of a loved one.

Many are having to deal with huge levels of trauma, often not able to access their usual support networks.

Relationships and Marriage.

A recent study showed that 12% of people who currently live with their partners are currently doubting their relationships.

The strain of COVID-19 is placing even more pressure on people’s relationship, with 23% of people saying the virus is placing pressure on them.

One charity working with domestic abuse reported a 700% increase in calls to its helpline. A separate helpline for perpetrators who wish to change their behaviour has also seen a 25% increase in calls.

Redundancy or financial worries.

There has been much reported in the national press of government financial support, for both businesses and individuals. However, many are still hugely concerned about the uncertainty of this most challenging of times.

Stress, Anxiety and Anger Issues.

Many people are reporting their mood swinging radically, from sadness to happiness, to anxiety to anger.

The stress of the uncertainty of these emotions, both for the individual themselves but also for partners and friends, can be hugely distressing.

How can Hope Therapy Help?

In line with the challenge that has faced society at large, Hope Therapy has adapted quickly to ensure that we have the right people here to support you. We have a whole panel of experienced and qualified counsellors, offering support to the entire UK via zoom, skype or phone as well as face to face in key areas.

Whether you are struggling with the current situation or know someone that is, contact us to discuss things further with one of our qualified team.

Immediate appointments are currently available.


Ian Stockbridge
Owner and lead counsellor of Hope Therapy and draws upon various approaches including CBT and Mindfulness.
Mobile: 07379-538411

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