Work Counselling, Career Counselling & Executive Counselling & Coaching.​

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  • Are you looking for Work Counselling or Coaching?
  • Are you not sure about which career is right for you?
  • Do you find yourself getting angry or frustrated at work? 
  • Does bullying affect your enjoyment at work?
  • Do you struggle with communication skills?
  • Are there just some personalities that you struggle to get along with?
  • Are you struggling from work stress or burnout?
  • Do you struggle with panic, when thinking about work?
  • Are you feeling in a rut with work?
  • Do you struggle with public speaking or presenting?
  • Are you worried about retirement & losing a sense of purpose or direction?
  • Do you need to reassess your work/life balance?
  • Do you suffer with imposter syndrome?
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Career and work-based challenges can come in a wide variety of forms and affect people at any stage in their careers. Work counselling and coaching can help support you in many different ways.

When left unresolved issues have the potential to leave us frustrated, unfulfilled or in some cases struggling with deep routed mental health and wellbeing issues. Research shows that one in three people say that their work-life is either very or quite stressful. Nineteen percent took time off work for stress, with ninety percent of those saying they felt they had to cite a different reason. It is estimated that we lose in excess of 25 million days a year due to stress-related conditions.

We offer employment counselling, career counselling & executive counselling and coaching. All services offer a confidential, safe space to explore career and work-life challenges for people at any stage in their careers. We offer experienced counsellors and coaches, who are able to support you to explore solutions that are right for you.

Hope Therapy offers work counselling and coaching.

We have a team of fully qualified and experienced therapists, counsellors & coaches that are able to offer work counselling, career counselling & executive counselling and coaching.​

We can help you to develop positive skills, interventions and insights to support you with your career & work life. While doing so, we can also support the effect that this may be having on your mental health & wellbeing.​

  • Identifying triggers.
  • Effective Skills and interventions.​

   Supporting you.

  • Mental & Emotional wellbeing counselling, to help you deal with the effect of career & work-related challenges
  • Help you to explore bespoke solutions, that are right for you.

A Positive Approach to supporting you in the workplace​

Our clients regularly ask for the opportunity to learn about and explore a variety of work-related issues, that impact on their satisfaction and enjoyment in the workplace, along with how that impacts them at home.

Counselling for work, career counselling & executive counselling and coaching will help you explore the issues that you face in a supportive, highly skilled and completely confidential way.

We support you:

  • Face to face or via zoom or skype.
  • In an effective way.
  • Using qualified counsellors, therapists & coaches with significant experience of working with people who struggle with a wide range of career and work-related issues.
What can you expect?
  • We will support you to better understand the career and work-related challenges you face.
  • To offer psychological and emotional support, to help manage any underlying issues that may be impacting on your career and work-related choices and experiences.
  • Offer understanding, interventions, guidance and support.​
  • Compassion & understanding at the core of all that we do. Which means that we will always take things at your pace with empathy and understanding.

I wholeheartedly recommend Ian

Ian is an incredible counsellor and all-round good egg. His gentle and kind manner makes you feel instantly at ease and his considered outlook helps you to see the wood for the trees. He has the ability to ground you when your world seems to be spiralling out of control. I wholeheartedly recommend Ian to anyone who is struggling.
- Lucy

I had felt low and anxious

At first I never believed that this was possible. I had felt low and anxious for so long. But slowly I began to gain hope and then believe in the future.
- Rob

He's made me truly think about how I see life,

I can't thank Ian enough for the help and understanding he has shown me. He's made me truly think about how I see life, and that has now had an effect on how others see me. I feel able to take a step back and appreciate space and time (something we strive for but never give ourselves). I was in the mindset of busy schedules, having brought up children, cared for elderly parents and studied hard to make a better life and career, all the time forgetting or not allowing myself my own mind-space. I'm still seeing Ian as I want to learn how to grow old gracefully, without always striving to be someone else or jealous of others a trap so easily fallen into with easy technology, images, and portrayals of perfect lives. I thoroughly and totally recommend Ian. It's not just talking and expressing feelings, it's a process with thought provoking areas to think about between sessions.
- Laura
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