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Relationship counselling ~

One to one, Couples / Marriage Counselling or Family Therapy.

Relationship counselling can help you look at the problems that can naturally arise within any relationship. The reasons can be varied and complex and sometimes hugely painful.

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Common reasons can include such areas as communication, infidelity, trust, differences in expectation, relational abuse, boredom, compatibility to name just a few. Whatever the reason, when problems occur it can be hugely distressing for those concerned.

When is the right time to get relationship counselling?

In general, the earlier that you can address a problem, the easier it can be to resolve.  Dealing with an issue after years of bitterness and resentment has built up, can be extremely hard. Whereas making sense of it early on, can give the best possible opportunity to make sense of things. However, this is not always possible for a variety of differing reasons.

Whether you are able to recognise a concern early on, things are at an advanced stage or you want help with making sense of a relationship that has ended, Therapy can be an invaluable tool in making sense of things, whilst offering you emotional support.

What do we offer?

Hope Therapy has developed a team of carefully selected psychotherapists and counsellors who will offer the same level of high-quality counselling support that people have come to expect from us.

​So whether you are looking for One to One counselling support, Couples or Marriage Counselling or Family Therapy, just get in touch.

​Appointments are usually available at short notice.​


Individual Counselling

Most people at some point in their lives will become stressed. Or maybe you feel that life is generally getting on top of them.

Whereas family and friends can be great at lending a listening ear. Often it is important to speak to someone who offers a non-judgement and more professional approach. Someone who you know will hold whatever you say, with the utmost confidentiality.

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Couples or Marriage Counselling

It is common for people in long term relationships, to experience periods of difficulty. This is true even of the most well suited of people. There are many reasons why this may be the case. Such as bereavement, financial challenges, infidelity or stress.

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Family Therapy

Family Therapy can be an important form of therapy that can help support family dynamics.

It is a process that helps family members support one another. It also offers a safe and facilitated space to express challenging thoughts and feelings. Often we also build on existing family strengths.

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Very good

Very good
- Kevin

Really interesting session.

Really interesting session.
- Simon

I was in a dark place.

Back in January 2017, I was in a dark place. Although married for 46 years, I could see that dissolving before my eyes. I was bad tempered, awkward and sometimes even out of control. That is where Ian came in. Now in November 2017 I am back in control! A weekly session and CBT techniques have conspired against the person I had become. But more than that, Ian was great in his role to get me to see how I could change. It was "do this" or "do that" it was suggestions and getting me to see a way out for myself. To make those changes and maintain them. Ian, I can never thank you enough for the second chance that you have brought to me. I am forever in your debt.
- Pete
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