Practical one to one support for Addiction.

  • Do you have a compulsive need to drink?
  • Do you struggle with Drug Addiction?
  • Are you trying to quit smoking?
  • Do you have an Internet Addiction?
  • Is gambling taking over your life?
  • Are you addicted to porn?
  • Do you addictively comfort eat?
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Hope Therapy is here to help.

Hope Therapy’s fully qualified and experienced therapists, offer UK wide Addiction Support via Zoom and Skype to both you and your families.

We can help you to develop positive skills, interventions and insights to support your dependency, along with exploring underlying issues that can either contribute to your dependency or result from it.

​Identifying triggers.

  • Effective Skills and interventions.​
    Supporting you and your families
    psychological needs and wellbeing.

A Positive Approach to supporting Addiction.

Our clients regularly ask for the opportunity to learn about and develop skills that will allow them to recognise and support their Addiction. 

We also offer emotional and wellbeing support to those affected by Addiction.

Ask for help
We support you:
  • From home via zoom or skype.
  • In an effective way.
  • Using qualified counsellors and therapists, with addiction experience.
What can you expect?
  • We will support you to better understand your triggers.
  • To offer psychological and emotional support, to help manage underlying issues relating to your addiction.
  • Offer emotional and wellbeing support to family and friends.​
  • Offer understanding, interventions, guidance and support.​
​Further information

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