CBT On-Demand

CBT on-demand by Hope Therapy

Mental Health e-learning

We provide 24/7 e-learning, a platform to transform your knowledge and start you on a journey of discovery!​

CBT – On Demand is a range of evidence-based CBT programmes, designed to replicate the areas that actual CBT sessions would typically cover. As you work your way through the weekly online sessions, you will have access to a fully qualified member of the Hope Therapy team to support you.

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You can view the lessons at your convenience and take your time working through the home practice exercises. The programme is designed to last a minimum of six weeks but can take up to twelve.

Ongoing access to a qualified counsellor throughout the programme.


  • Low Cost
  • Evidence-Based.
  • Easy to follow.
  • Provides real-life exercises.
  • Downloadable resources + tools.

CBT On-Demand

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I have found a calmness and inner clarity

Thank you so much for all your help and support whilst we worked together. I have found a calmness and inner clarity that I have ever had before. You helped me find something I never believed possible. You listened, you cared, you were there for me in ways that nobody else ever was. You showed me the way and you never gave up on me. I have seen Counsellors before, who did nothing to help me. I think that we find people like you once in a lifetime and I'm so pleased that I did. Thank you so much for all that you did. Simply, thank you!!!
- Martin

His approach, style and ability to help me to be invaluable.

I have been going to see Ian for CBT over the past three months and have found his approach, style and ability to help me to be invaluable. A key aspect of his help has involved being able to have real and frank conversations with Ian about my feelings, worries and concerns and to be given the tools and techniques to deal with these in ways that work for me. His approach is careful and hugely reassuring. I am seeing Ian less now, but will go from time to time for 'top up sessions' to make sure that I am kept on the right path to full recovery from being very stressed and to an extent depressed, when I first went to have CBT with Ian.
- Paul R

Warm, appreciative and helpfully challenging.

I found Ian to be warm, appreciative and helpfully challenging. He helped me think more deeply about how I could care for myself better.
- Jeremy
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