Online CBT

Internet based CBT

What is online CBT?

We provide 24/7 online CBT via an online e-learning platform. ​

Our self-paced, evidence-based online CBT packages teach a range of clinically proven strategies to help support employee mental health and well-being.

Online packages can help support us in a number of different areas that can directly impact employee wellbeing.

  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Depression
  • Worry
  • Social Anxiety
  • Panic
  • Health Anxiety
  • Stress

As employees work through weekly online sessions, they will have ongoing access to a fully qualified Hope Therapy counselling team member to support them.

Clients can view the lessons at their convenience and take time to work through the home practice exercises. The programme is designed to last a minimum of six weeks but can take up to twelve depending on what staff are looking for support with.

Benefits of online CBT

For the Individual

  • It can offer support within days, compared to the NHS, which can often take months to access.
  • It can be done anywhere and anytime.
  • You will continue to receive ongoing support throughout via a qualified counsellor.

For the Organisation

  • Employee mental health support has become more commonplace and increasingly seen as a duty of care.
  • Can be seen as part of an overall Staff Wellbeing Package.
  • Can be seen as an important part of reducing staff absenteeism.
  • Can be part of supporting staff back into the workplace.
  • Less staff sickness can improve productivity.

Contact Us

Our founder, Ian Stockbridge, worked for 25 years in various Senior Management and Directorial positions, ranging from medium size to large FT-100 organisations. Holding Fellowships in various professional disciplines gave him invaluable insight into businesses’ daily professional needs. It was experiencing first-hand the challenge of balancing the real-world difficulties faced by both employer and employee that inspired him to retrain as a counsellor, therapist & Coach himself. Shortly afterwards ‘Hope Therapy & Counselling Services’ were born.

To speak to a member of the ‘Hope’ team, please get in touch.

Phone: 01865 416812


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