Asking for help can be hard

Support can come in a variety of forms and here you will find something that is suitable for either you, a friend or a loved one.

The first step has begun, by looking at Hope Therapy you have started your journey towards getting help.

Starting with these free tools, tips & resources.

If you still need something more, then get in touch.

Ask for help




You don’t need to by a Gym Addict, just a walk in the park can help.

Sleep well


If you lead a hectic life get some downtime and prep for a good nights sleep as regularly as you can.

Eat Well

Not junk food, good nutritious food which is balanced. Vegetables, Fruit, Fibre etc.

Hope Therapy collaborates with the wonderful Carin, who is a fully qualified dietician able to advise on many areas of nutrition by Zoom, Skype or Face to Face.

Alternatively, why not take a look at the wonderful Ella, who shares loads of wholesome and nutritious recipe ideas.

Do get in touch to find out more.

Dietician - Hope Therapy and Counselling Services

Have Fun

Playing, laughing, singing, dancing… these are the things that pump those well-being chemicals.

Having fun is what makes them flow.

Good food, playing games, making love, making merry. All of these things (and more) flood our brains and bodies with those chemicals that make us feel good



Mindfulness has been around for over two thousand years.

To find out more about what Hope Therapy offers, just take a look.  Mindfulness.

As a gift we give you a free recording of one of our regular mindfulness groups.



Music can be a wonderful way to soothe us and help connect us with wonderful memories.

Why not put something on now?



Hope Therapy regularly posts articles and blogs about a variety of Mental Health and Wellbeing needs, such as managing stress, relationship challenges, mindfulness and much more.

Take a look to see what’s already there.


Don’t forget to subscribe to the Hope Therapy Website to receive future information and news as it’s released.

If there is anything that you are particularly interested in or would like more of, be sure to let us know.

Be Inspired

Ted Talks

​Ted Talks

Be inspired by some of the worlds most inspirational speakers.

Available free from Ted Talks.

Visit the webpage of the inspirational Kriss Carr.

Kriss Carr

Visit the webpage of the inspirational Kriss Carr.

Best Selling Author and all-round inspiration.

Professional Support

If you need more professional therapeutic support for either yourself a friend or a loved one, to help work through one of life’s many challenges,  simply get in touch.

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