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Autism and Aspergers Support Hub: Hope Therapy & Counselling Services is dedicated to providing comprehensive autism support and resources to individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and their families. Our mission is to promote inclusion, understanding, and acceptance of autism in society. We believe that every individual deserves to live a fulfilling life, and we are here to assist and guide you every step of the way.

  • Maybe you suspect that you or your loved one are autistic.

  • Maybe you have recently received a diagnosis and are trying to find out more.

  • Maybe you have a diagnosis and want to know what support is available to you.

What is Autism?

What is Autism?

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects how a person perceives and interacts with the world. It is typically diagnosed in childhood, but some individuals may not receive a diagnosis until adulthood. Autism is a spectrum disorder, which means that it can present differently in different individuals.

Some common symptoms in adults include:

  • Difficulty in social interactions and communication
  • Difficulty understanding social cues and body language
  • Trouble making and maintaining friendships and relationships
  • Sensory processing issues, including sensitivity to light, sound, touch or taste
  • Repetitive behaviours or routines
  • Narrow or intense interests
  • Difficulty adapting to change
  • It is important to note that not all individuals exhibit all of these symptoms, and symptoms may present themselves in varying degrees.

How Autism can affect daily lives

Autism can affect daily life in many ways, including work, relationships and family. Individuals may struggle with communication, which can impact their ability to succeed in certain work environments. They may also struggle with changes to routine or unexpected situations, which can cause anxiety and stress.

In relationships and family life, individuals may struggle to connect with others, leading to feelings of isolation and loneliness. They may also experience difficulty in understanding the needs and emotions of others, which can create conflict and strain relationships.

How can counselling can support your autism?

Counselling can be a valuable resource for individuals with autism. Counselling can help individuals develop strategies for managing their symptoms and coping with the challenges of daily life. Counselling can also provide a safe and supportive environment to explore emotions and build communication skills.

A counsellor can work with individuals to develop social skills and strategies for navigating social interactions. They can also help individuals manage anxiety and stress by developing coping mechanisms and relaxation techniques.


If you or a loved one have or think you may have autism or would just like to speak to someone about the various autism support services we offer, then we offer completely free of charge telephone consultations.

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What Autism and Aspergers support services are available?

  1. Diagnostic Services: We can connect you with a team of experts who can help and support you through an autism diagnosis.
  2. Therapy & Counselling: We are able to place you with expert counsellors and therapists who genuinely understand the unique needs of those with autism.
  3. Support Groups: Get information to find out how you can connect with a community of individuals and families who understand the challenges and triumphs of living with autism. Share experiences, ask questions, and find support from others who are on a similar journey.
  4. Resource Library: Explore our collection of articles, podcasts, and downloadable materials created by our autism advocacy team. Gain insights into various aspects of autism, including diagnosis, therapies, educational resources, and strategies for managing everyday life.
  5. Professional Advice: Our team of experienced professionals, including psychologists, therapists, and advocacy specialists, are here to offer support. Whether you need advice on therapy options, ways to manage mental health or strategies for improving social skills, we’re here to help.
  6. Events and Workshops: Looking for details of workshops, webinars, and seminars delivered by experts in the field of autism. Learn about the latest research, strategies, and interventions that can positively impact the lives of individuals with autism.
  7. Success Stories: Read inspiring stories of individuals with autism who have overcome challenges, achieved milestones, and realized their dreams. These stories serve as a beacon of hope, motivating others to embrace their strengths and strive for personal growth.

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What previous clients have said about our Autism and Aspergers support hub

Our relationship was at rock bottom until we got in touch with Hope Therapy. They helped us to really start to connect with one another again. Patience, communication and understanding. Simply thank you.

Previous Couples Counselling Clients – husband had autism.

I have always struggled with social situations. I would get so anxious and then simply end up cancelling. It affected my self esteem, confidence, ability to make friends and find relationships. I really was so miserable.

Hope Therapy were inspiring. Patient, professional and knowledgable. For the first time ever, I find someone who really got me. Thank you!

Previous client with autism.

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Stay up-to-date with the latest Autism and Aspergers articles from Hope Therapy & Counselling Services. Our curated collection of articles offers valuable insights and information about autism spectrum disorder (ASD), ensuring you have access to the most current knowledge and research in the field.

Explore a diverse range of topics related to autism, including understanding the spectrum, promoting social skills, managing sensory sensitivities, and supporting individuals with autism in their transition to adulthood. Each article is carefully crafted to provide practical tips, strategies, and expert advice that can be applied in everyday life.

Whether you’re a caregiver, educator, or simply interested in expanding your knowledge about autism, our articles offer a wealth of information. We strive to share the most up-to-date research and insights, empowering you to make informed decisions and contribute to the inclusivity and understanding of individuals on the autism spectrum.

By reading our latest autism articles, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of autism and its unique characteristics. Discover effective techniques for communication, social interaction, and behaviour management, and learn how to create supportive environments that foster growth and well-being.

Stay connected with Hope Therapy & Counselling Services to access our latest autism articles and be part of a community dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals with autism. Together, we can promote acceptance, support, and meaningful progress in the field of autism.

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