What is an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)?

Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP)

So what is an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)? Well simply, it is an employee benefit that will provide your team with counselling support and practical advice on any issues that might be impacting their mental wellbeing.

They usually include counselling or therapeutic support on both personal and work-related issues, with the primary aim of increasing staff wellbeing. This can directly impact performance and productivity, as well as aiming to reduce staff absences. It can be offered face-to-face, by telephone or via online methods.

Some benefits businesses and employees can gain from the employee assistance programme are as follows:

For the employee

  • Confidential counselling and expert advice, to empower employees to take control of their mental health and all-round wellbeing.
  • Therapy is highly flexible and can be delivered remotely, over the telephone, online or in person.
  • Support given by experts, the emotional and practical advice from qualified experts. Also, the necessary tools which are focused on enhancing and supporting your staff’s wellbeing and mental health.

For the business

  • Identifying issues will provide insightful reporting to identify the key issues and health concerns within your business. This can help to improve the businesses wellbeing strategy.
  • The employee assistance programme aims to improve engagement and productivity, by improving employee morale and engagement.

How can an employee assistance programme help?

We offer a range of services through an employee assistance programme by offering therapeutic support on topics such as:

  • Stress, anxiety, and low mood
  • Health and lifestyle
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Family and matrimonial
  • Bereavement
  • Isolation feelings
  • Family Issues

Benefits for you:

  • A motivated and productive workforce
  • Lower stress levels
  • Lower sickness and absenteeism
  • Improved recruitment and retention

Many employees see staff wellbeing as being not just a ‘nice to have but a right.

Why contact us?

Mental health illness, such as stress, anxiety and depression accounts for 44% of all work-related ill health and 54% of sickness absence [*]. It can affect your employee’s ability to perform well and work productively. According to the statistics given by the Office of National Statistics (ONS), 17.5Million working days were lost for mental health-related matters.

We offer a commercial understanding along with a broad appreciation of the impact of workplace mental health challenges. We pride ourselves in offering innovative, mental health support to support both you and your most important asset.

Support your employee’s wellbeing with a workplace employee assistance programme (EAP)

We offer specialist services to enable your employee’s, to reach their maximum potential and in doing so, empower them to perform and operate successfully as your greatest business asset.

Using our professional support services could see the impact of your employee’s personal and work-related problems significantly reduced, giving room for growth both for employers and employees.

We offer immediately available counselling throughout Oxfordshire, as well as the surrounding areas such as Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Reading and even London. Counselling is offered on a one-to-one, individual basis, as well as for couples, groups and families, depending on your needs and preferences. All of our counsellors offer Skype, Zoom and telephone support, allowing us to identify and match you with a counsellor of the very best experience for your concern, regardless of their location. To get in touch, book a free 15-minute counselling consultation to discuss your needs on our website, www.hopefulminds.co.uk, or alternatively contact us via telephone on 07379 538411 between the hours of 9am till 9pm from Monday to Sunday.

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