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Hope Therapy is able to offer you therapeutic hypnotherapy as a tool for changing habits, lessening symptoms or treating certain underlying conditions.

What should I expect during a hypnotherapy session?

The initial session will usually be an opportunity for you and your hypnotherapist to get to know one another, discuss what you wish to work on and explore the suitability of this way of working together. Your hypnotherapist is also a fully accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT), so if it is decided there may be more beneficial ways of working together then this can be discussed.

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Once you and your hypnotherapist agree to work together, they will discuss in more detail what this is likely to involve and give you an idea of what to expect. As each person will have different needs and goals they wish to achieve, the way of working is likely to be slightly different for everyone. However, typically a hypnotherapy session is likely to involve leading you into a state of relaxation, with different ways of handling situations being discussed. This could be focused on a particular behaviour or situation with which you currently struggle.

What comes next?

People may see positive changes very quickly, as new ideas and ways of thinking and behaving start to have an effect. For other people, further sessions to reinforce ideas may be recommended. You may also be taught self-hypnosis techniques, that you can do yourself to help support the work you are doing with your hypnotherapist.

What is the difference between hypnotherapy and hypnosis?

Hypnotherapy usually refers to the therapeutic use of hypnosis to help with a wide range of problems or issues and supporting your ability to relax in various situations or to improve sports performance or your ability to speak in public.

Hypnosis is usually thought of as the induction of a trance state that aids communication between the conscious and unconscious mind. Hypnotherapy concerns itself with using hypnosis to work therapeutically to achieve a particular goal.

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