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What is Counselling?

Hitting a crisis point in your life can be scary. Counselling provides a space in which you can explore the issues that are affecting you, whatever they may be.

​We support both individuals or couples depending on your needs.

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What can Counselling help with?

You might come to see a counsellor for a variety of reasons. You may be facing a life-changing event that has created shock or grief.  Alternatively, you may be experiencing feelings of depression, low self-esteem, anger, panic or anxiety, without fully understanding why.

​There may be events from your past that are preventing you from living your life in the way you would like. Or the situation you are looking for support with may be firmly in your present moment.

​Equally, you may be experiencing a lack of direction, feelings of boredom or of being trapped.  A significant relationship may be proving difficult for you to manage healthily.  You may be aware of self-destructive patterns occurring in your life which are causing you or those around you pain.

​​Hope Therapy has a whole team of counsellors to call upon. They work either with you individually or with you and your partner (couples counselling). So we can identify the counsellor, with the very best experience, depending on what you are looking for support with.

How is Counselling delivered?

Counselling can either be offered in individual sessions with a counsellor or with a partner in the form of couples counselling.

What happens during a session?

It is normal to feel nervous about the idea of reaching out for support. It can initially be difficult to talk about the issues that have brought you to the therapy room. You may experience fear of being judged or criticised.  Perhaps you have never felt that anyone has really listened to you or understood you, let alone accepted you.

​Your counsellor aims to create an environment that acts as a safe space for you to talk. There is no right or wrong and no judgments are made. They will listen to you and guide you to explore the issues which are impacting your life. Together, they will help you identify where you can make changes. Your counsellor will also help you learn to accept the things which you cannot change.


Very Helpful

Very Helpful
- Tim

I had felt low and anxious

At first I never believed that this was possible. I had felt low and anxious for so long. But slowly I began to gain hope and then believe in the future.
- Rob

I wholeheartedly recommend Ian

Ian is an incredible counsellor and all-round good egg. His gentle and kind manner makes you feel instantly at ease and his considered outlook helps you to see the wood for the trees. He has the ability to ground you when your world seems to be spiralling out of control. I wholeheartedly recommend Ian to anyone who is struggling.
- Lucy
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