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Hope Therapy is dedicated to providing mental health support and resources to private and corporate clients. In addition to offering traditional therapy services, Hope Therapy also provides free access to a range of mental health podcasts. These podcasts cover a wide variety of topics, including anxiety, depression, stress, and relationships. They are designed to provide practical advice and strategies for managing mental health issues and improving overall well-being.

Episode 1 – Talk Mindfulness

This series of podcasts will look at the area of mental health and well-being from a variety of different perspectives. But today, we will be discussing the subject of mindfulness. What mindfulness is, how we can be more mindful and how it can be supportive of mental health and well-being.

Episode 2 – Compassion Focussed Therapy

This episode discusses Compassion Focussed Therapy or CFT for short. This therapy was created by a psychologist called Paul Gilbert, OBE. There are many parts to CFT, and this episode will concentrate on some key points. CFT is about caring for ourselves, especially when in distress.

Episode 3 – Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

This episode discusses ACT and how it can help support the treatment of various mental health symptoms. Clients learn to stop avoiding, denying, and struggling with their inner emotions and, instead, accept that these deeper feelings are appropriate responses to certain situations.

Episode 4 – Anxiety and Worry

We are living in a complex environment at the moment. Anxiety has increased due to the uncertainty and changes following on from the global pandemic and lockdowns. Global unrest and the current environment are currently feeding into people’s anxiety at the moment leading to us becoming a ‘nation of worriers’.

Episode 5 – How to manage at Christmas

How can we approach Christmas? Be true to your values, nobody can do anything and please everyone…what is really important and focussing on that rather than trying to do everything. Life and Christmas is really about an element of compromise.

Pressure can come from so many places at Christmas, such as pressure from children, pressure of hosting or pressure of what social media can create – glamourised image of what a fairy-tale Christmas should be. The pressure that we place on ourselves to make it this perfect idea often places huge amounts of stress on us.

Episode 7 – The importance of employee mental health

Here Ian, Director of Hope Therapy discusses his own experience with employee mental health from his days of managing upwards of 200 people in enterprise companies.

Listen to himself and Wendy take a deep dive into employee mental health and how critical mental health is to individuals happiness and performance at work, and how this in turn can affect the organisation as a whole.

Episode 6 – Goal setting – New Years Resolutions

Having a review at New Year can be constructive but we can end up making a really long list that can be unrealistic if we get carried away with the tradition of setting New Year resolutions. Our new enthusiasm can quickly turn into despair if we do not end up meeting our long list of resolutions.

ACT – where we spend time thinking about our values, what gives it meaning and purpose, may be a useful way of looking at resolutions in a more controlled and achievable way. Values naturally lead onto more realistic actions/goals.

Episode 8 – EMDR and Trauma Therapy

Ian and Wendy discuss EMDR and Trauma Therapy and how it can help people suffering with trauma and the secondary symptoms of trauma.

EMDR – Eye movement desensitisation reprocessing. EMDR, helps with trauma, anxiety and depression. It is a structured approach to help people to safely process traumatic memories, in time helping them to overcome the stress they have been experiencing.

Episode 9 – Exam stress

In this podcast, we discuss exam stress and anxiety. Intense anxiety triggers our fight or flight response, releasing adrenaline which can negatively impact our performance. Common fears during exams include blanking out or not knowing the answers, but having coping strategies like relaxation techniques and preparation can reduce anxiety and improve performance.

Episode 10 – Employee mental health

In this podcast, we discuss the importance of employee mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, and how organizations can support their employees through Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) and other resources. We explore the impact of mental health on productivity and retention, and share practical tips and strategies for promoting a mentally healthy workplace culture.

Episode 11 – Autism

Our podcast celebrates the beautiful continuum of characteristics found within the autism spectrum. We firmly believe that no two people share the same abilities, functioning levels, or required support needs. Throughout our discussions, we share inspiring stories of individuals who have embraced their unique journey, highlighting the strength and resilience that autism brings to their lives.

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Episode 12 – OCD

e embark on a journey to explore the intricacies of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Join us as we unravel the mysteries, debunk misconceptions, and shed light on the challenges faced by those living with OCD. Whether you’re seeking insights, support, or simply looking to learn more about this often misunderstood condition, our podcast aims to provide a compassionate and informative space for everyone.

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Episode 13 – Depression

Discover a range of strategies and techniques that can be employed to provide meaningful support to individuals dealing with depression. Gain insights into the importance of understanding and empathy in this process.

Learn about valuable online resources and platforms where you can find more information and engage in conversations about depression. These platforms offer a wealth of knowledge for both supporters and individuals seeking help.

Explore various therapeutic approaches tailored to assist individuals in managing depression. Gain an understanding of different methodologies, including cognitive behavioural therapy, compassion-focused therapy, and mindfulness-based techniques.

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Episode 14 – Bereavement

In this impactful podcast episode, we delve into the crucial topic of bereavement and its profound impact on mental health. Join us as we explore strategies and insights to navigate through the challenges of bereavement and find meaningful support.

At the heart of the conversation, we have a wealth of free resources available on the website Here, we address the unique challenges posed by bereavement and offer a variety of free resources including blogs and infographics.

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LGBTQ+ podcast

Episode 15 – LGBTQ+

In an enlightening podcast episode, members of the LGBTQ+ community share their personal experiences and insights, shedding light on the importance of diversity and inclusion.

his podcast episode is a heartfelt exploration of the experiences, challenges, and triumphs within the LGBTQ+ community. Through personal stories and perspectives, members of the community convey the importance of embracing diversity and fostering inclusivity. The discussions touch upon issues like stigma, discrimination, and the ongoing fight for equality. The podcast ultimately carries a powerful message of hope and unity, underlining the importance of acceptance and understanding to create a more inclusive society.

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Episode 16 – Panic attacks

Wendy, a specialist in trauma-based issues, delves into the complexities of trauma and its relationship with substance abuse. She shares her expertise and offers valuable insights into these challenging subjects.

Trauma and Substance Abuse: A Complex Connection

The podcast explores the intricate relationship between trauma and substance abuse. Wendy discusses how traumatic experiences can often lead individuals to turn to substances as a coping mechanism. She emphasizes the importance of understanding this connection to provide effective support and intervention.

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Episode 17 Navigating Mental Health and Relationships

This episode delves into the intricate interplay between mental health and relationships, offering listeners valuable insights, support, and strategies for fostering healthy connections amidst the complexities of mental well-being. In this blog post, we’ll delve into how “The Talk Room” becomes a guide for understanding and navigating the impact of mental health on our relationships.

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Episode 18 Unleashing the Power of the Mind – Exploring Creative Visualization for Mental Well-Being

Episode 18 takes a fascinating turn, exploring the transformative practice of Creative Visualization. In this blog post, we’ll journey through the insightful content of this episode and discover how “The Talk Room” becomes a guide for harnessing the power of the mind for improved mental health.

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Episode 19 What is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)? 

In this podcast episode, the focus is on Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a type of depression that tends to emerge during the darker months of autumn and winter, particularly in regions with reduced natural sunlight, such as the UK. While the exact cause of SAD remains elusive, the discussion delves into prominent theories, with a spotlight on the impact of diminished sunlight exposure.

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Episode 20 How to navigate the winter break?

In this podcast episode, the hosts delve into the timely topic of managing mental health and relationship changes during the winter holiday season, often synonymous with Christmas. Acknowledging the unique challenges that arise during this festive period, the hosts aim to shed light on the stress many individuals experience and explore strategies to navigate these complexities.

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