How to live a fulfilling life

Ian Stockbridge has recently been featured in Upjournal talking about this very topic:

The road to a fulfilling life is different for everyone. However, experts say there are achievable actions that can lead anyone toward living a more meaningful life.

So, whether you’re dealing with a period of transition, looking for ways to refresh your lifestyle, or want to spice up your daily routine, understanding how the experts navigate their day-to-day lives is key.

A lot of people associate fulfillment with a sense of happiness or satisfaction that occurs after accomplishing or achieving something, such as a goal. The concept of fulfillment is usually linked to ideas around self and potential.

Although fulfillment is associated with positive emotions, such as joy and pride, sometimes the focus on achievement that comes with it can actually result in the individual experiencing the complete opposite.

It is important to preface this by saying that although fulfillment is great, our sense of self and experience of positive emotions should not be wholly dependent on the idea of achieving a goal or even realizing what is seen as our true potential.

That being said, we are now going to look at some tips and tricks to help you live a more fulfilling life:

Practice gratitude: Actively acknowledge all things in your life

Moving away from the idea that we can only experience fulfillment from accomplishment, the first way to achieve it is through practicing gratitude.

Gratitude is commonly associated with feelings of appreciation and general thankfulness. The idea of practicing gratitude refers to the conscious decision of an individual to actively acknowledge all things in their life, no matter how big or small, that they deem to be positive and are thankful for.

How you decide to practice gratitude is completely dependent on you as an individual, specifically what things you enjoy as well as what you find helpful.

If you are new to practicing gratitude and do not know where to start, below are a few different ways you can begin:

  • Journaling

Journalling is one of the most popular ways to practice gratitude. A good starting point would be to write down five things that you are grateful for, either for that day or the previous day, depending on which time of the day you are journaling. An example of this could be the sun, your family, etc. The tip is to be as specific as possible!

  • Meditation

You can use meditation to reflect on things you are grateful for, whether that be the day you are meditating or looking back at your life as a whole.

  • Prayer

This is a particularly good approach to practicing gratitude if you are religious. No matter your religion, prayer can help provide you space to reflect on all the positive things you are thankful for in your life.

Work on yourself: Discover your values and live your life in accordance with them

Another way to achieve fulfillment is through working on your relationship with yourself.

Focus on cultivating your self-esteem and challenge any negative thought patterns or behaviors that are detrimental to your self-worth.

A great way to do this is through engaging in journaling, meditation, and soft exercises, such as yoga or pilates. Any form of activity dedicated to taking time to just be with yourself, and do things you enjoy, helps cultivate a sense of enjoyment and fulfillment.

In addition, one of the most successful ways to achieve fulfillment in your life is by discovering your values and living your life in accordance with them. Your values can be anything related to your sense of spirituality, family, relationships, or even your relationship with your physical body and finances.

Regardless of what they are, ensuring that you uphold and prioritize your values in your everyday life and cultivate your routine around them will help you feel a sense of satisfaction, joy, and overall fulfillment with life.

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