Deb Jones on ‘What is Block Clearance Therapy?’

You began your career as an Integrative Counsellor. Can you explain what that is?

An Integrative Counsellor essentially brings together different theories taught whilst training, to offer a toolkit to the client for different ways of working. I like to work with the client with their experiences and help untangle them but also to explore childhood experiences and relationships that can create patterns and belief systems that sometimes can interfere as we grow older.

You are also a Block Clearance Practitioner. What is Block Clearance Therapy?

Block Clearance Therapy (BCT) is a unique process, of which I trained in the UK with the Tree of Life Centre, Gloucestershire and work with you and your subconscious mind to get to the root of any issue or ‘block’ that is holding you back in your life. We can gently and safely release these unhelpful patterns. Through careful listening we can identify the ‘root cause’ of the pattern and using a visualisation can help subconscious release it and replace it with a new pattern that allows you to move forward positively.

How is it possible to tap into the unconscious mind?

We take each client on a guided visualisation that relaxes you but where you remain conscious at all times. It just helps you to feel peaceful, safe and can then access your ‘memory files’ that are stored in your subconscious mind. Because there are no distractions to the mind, then the focus is what you can ‘see’ in your heads. We describe it like looking on a cinema screen and describing what you see. Everyone has the ability to ‘see’ we just need to trust that we can. We can help your subconscious to learn to trust again if it is struggling.

Are you finding that more people are turning to therapists such as yourself since the beginning of the pandemic?

Therapy for a lot of people has not been as accessible as it could be doing this pandemic. Maybe because of financial restrictions, unable to access public or private therapy because of lockdown or it feels unsafe to speak to a therapist online whilst family members are around. Being ‘forced’ to sit still with our thoughts has brought up a lot of issues that maybe, have been waiting to be addressed but not looked at for lack of time or fear of facing them. For some, they have seized the moment and dived in with therapy to make use of this inactive time and others have been ‘forced’ to look at it as their mental health has deteriorated over the last year. I am noticing though, as people are returning to work and having more freedom, I am getting more enquiries again.

How are you able to help them?

I describe in the first session that people come with a jumbled up ball of wool. We grab a strand and follow it until they realise that it has all untangled. I really just listen for the first few sessions, as I get to know the story of the client and understand how they process things. My job is to listen, encourage the client to look a bit deeper and from other angles and to help them understand that their issues stem from a few root causes. When we can see that it all comes from one point we are not overwhelmed by our thoughts and don’t feel quite so lost! After a few sessions I will introduce the concept of BCT and we can then work with the subconscious to heal and repattern the root cause.

What do you love about your work?

Firstly my job as a private counsellor has never felt like a job. If I’ve helped someone make new choices in their lives, respect and value themselves and achieve things in their lives that they never imagined possible then I have done my work. I have been part of their tapestry and that’s an honour.


Deb Jones is an experienced Counsellor and Block Clearance Therapist. If you would like to make an appointment with Debs or anyone else from the Hope Therapy team, do get in touch.

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