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Bereavement Counselling

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As part of the work, Hope Therapy is doing nationally to support those affected by Bereavement, for a limited time we are able to offer a 30% reduction on the cost of bereavement support.  Please do get in touch to find out more.

What does Hope therapy offer?

We at 'Hope Therapy' understand just how hard this time can be.

To ensure that you are fully supported, all of our bereavement team are fully qualified counsellors, who have received additional training in bereavement care.

The role of Counselling with Bereavement?

A Bereavement Counsellor can both be alongside you, offering emotional support, whilst you find your own way of grieving. They can also help support you in finding your own way of making sense of a tragic loss. Depending on the depth and complexity of the relationship, the ongoing support of a trained professional can be extremely useful. 

We at Hope Therapy offer confidential, experienced, bereavement counselling with no waiting list.

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