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The Understanding, Management and support of Anger

Both relationships and our sense of self-worth can be destroyed by excessive anger. This can present either as the person on the receiving end of angry behaviour or the person who becomes angry.


We don’t always recognise that we are angry or enraged and certainly don’t recognise that we are always hitting out at others. However, the strength of this emotion can erode the relationships with those around us, our own sense of worth or if on the receiving end, destroy confidence, self-esteem or even worse.

Anger can manifest from a number of complex sources, including a history of abuse, through to excessive stress levels. Some people who have a history of abuse can be quick to see current events as being abusive in nature and fall into familiar patterns of behaviour. Alternatively, a sense of being stressed and out of control can often lead to bouts of angry behaviour.


What is for sure is that extreme levels of anger can create highly complex emotions for both the person struggling with out of control anger. But also for the person who is in receipt of such extreme emotions. We may have been the victim of anger based outbursts, either in the workplace or at home. Or alternatively we may recognize our own anger issues, whichever reality we recognise, a counselling or CBT based approach can be extremely helpful.


Contact me to find out more about how counselling and CBT based approaches can help you either as the person with anger based issues or on the receiving end of anger. Depending on your availability, I will aim to see you at very short notice.

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Anger Management

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